Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Listen Notes Interview With Kevin Patton

Listen Notes is a podcast search engine that lets any listener keep a record or playlist of podcasts and/or specific episodes that  they want to listen to later. Users can create more than one playlist. Others can subscribe to any of your Listen Later playlists, so they could be used as a way to curate a list of podcasts/episodes for your listeners, followers, or students. 

I mention this partly because I recently claimed my academic podcast The A&P Professor in the  Listen Notes  platform. Whenever I find a new directory or list of podcasts, I look for mine. If it's there, I claim it (if they offer that). If it's not listed, I do everything I can to get it listed.

Why do I do this?

It's a short answer: because I want my podcast to be everywhere. Maybe only a handful of future followers of my podcast will find it at  Listen Notes But that's a handful that may not have otherwise followed me. Also, the more places a link to my podcast shows up, the more likely it is that ordinary search engines will take notice. And, therefore, the more likely it is that my podcast will be found outside of  Listen Notes, too.

I'll be sending out a note on Twitter, Instsgram, Facebook, and perhaps even The Academic Podcaster blimp. That puts my podcast out there in front of folks again—the never-ending essential task of marketing. And it tells listeners and potential listeners, "here's a specific platform you can access with one click, now, where you can find my podcast." And who knows, maybe they'll be happy with that cool feature of making curated playlists.

Another reason I mention it now is that  Listen Notes recently published an interview with me about my academic podcast: 

Provide New Scientific Discoveries & Teaching Strategies For A&P Teaching Faculty

You may want to click that link and read the interview because it contains a lot of information on the whys and hows of my academic podcast. Things that might give you some ideas for your academic podcast.

Any podcaster in the  Listen Notes system can request an interview. Which means our podcast will get even more exposures and even more search-engine optimization (SEO). That is, it'll make us seem more popular and important and the search engines will do better at making sure searchers find us quickly and easily. 

And it costs nothing!

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