Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Temper Your Harsh Critic By Looking For a Podcast's Best Trick (My Podcast Pontifications Guest Hosting)

One of my favorite podcasts for podcasters (PFPs) is Evo Terra's daily show, Podcast Pontifications

Evo is a self-described contrarian and podcasting philosopher who muses about what's working or not working or what may or may not be working in the future. Did I mention he's also sort of a podcasting futurist? Podcast Pontifications comes out every morning, Monday through Friday, and for me, it's a "must listen." 

During November and December, Evo usually takes what he calls his "long winter's nap" and gets all refreshed for a new season to start the following January. And during that time, he puts out occasional bonus episodes, where a guest podcaster takes Evo's place for one episode. 

Guess what? Today it was my turn to be the guest CPF (contrarian-philosopher-futurist) on Podcast Pontifications!

In an episode called Temper Your Harsh Critic By Looking For a Podcast's Best Trick, I describe what I call my "best trick" technique for listening to other podcasts. 

The "best trick" technique is based on my early days as a wild animal trainer-in-training, when my mentor would watch other animal acts with me and then challenge me to pick each act's "best trick." Any answer I gave had to be defended. Thoroughly. And by doing so, I learned a lot about what makes a good trick, a good act, and a good trainer. But I also developed a habit of looking first and foremost for the best things in anything I'm critically analyzing.

In the episode, which is best listened to yourself, I tell how the "best trick" technique started, how I began applying it to my teaching in higher education, and how it works for me as a podcaster when I'm listening to other podcasts and trying to learn from them. 

Like all Podcast Pontifications episodes, it's a short and pithy episode. I bet you have 9 minutes you could spare right now to listen to it! Of course you do!

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After listening, please reply and let me know what my best trick was in this episode!

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